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The year quickly came to a close.

When I first thought of the seniors leaving,
All I could think was,
Iím not ready to be a senior.

Now my feelings are stronger.
I still donít want to be a senior,
But I also donít want to say good-bye,
To those who are.

As the days were counting down,
I began treading in deeper water.
The things I wanted to get done,
The things I wish I had done.

Where had the time gone?

The last week was the hardest.
The signing of yearbooks,
The memories,
The good-byes
The tears.

What am I going to do?

The cameras;
Trying to capture the memories of the year.
I should have stared in the beginning,
But I didnít think it would be this hard.

The seniors are leaving me, us,
But I left too.

I said goodbye to 17 preschoolers and two teachers on Thursday.
I was in tears,
Julie was in tears.

People I had known for only four short months brought more than just tears,
They brought sobs.
I donít want to think about what itís going to be like next year,
Leaving the people that I have spent nine months,
Out of every year of my life since 6th grade,
Or even longer.

How will I manage?


© 2000 Amanda Kritzer