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Monday, March 5, 2001

Sarah Burke decided to catch a little nap between shopping and getting ready for the night's festivities. Shannon stops, unprepared for another one of my MANY candid pictures.
Teri takes a picture of the city from the balcony of our hotel room while Shannon gazes out at the beach. Now Teri's taking a picture of the beach from the balcony of our hotel room .
Teri has finished getting ready to go dancing, so she took it upon herslef to do the ever so fun job of scraping the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Sarah Burke stands in the entry way, not happy that I was once again taking her picture.
Teri hates her picture being taken more than almost anyone I know, so in the rare occasion that she let me take her picture, she decided to be naughty and make a funny face. Shannon posed for pictures more than any of the others.  Here, she's trying on Sarah Burke's glasses, and looks WAY cute.
Sarah Burke likes to be seductive at me with her water bottle. Sarah and I pose for a quick picture as we finished getting ready to go dancing.

    © 2000 Amanda Kritzer