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Meet My Family
Last updated
8 April 2001
I come from an average sized family.  My parents are still married and I have one younger sister.  I was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa., living in the same house my entire life.
My parents are Douglas and Patricia Kritzer.  They have been married since April 1, 1978.  They were married at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.
My dad worked for Sinclair Oil for 19 years, before starting at Concrete Products in March of 2000.  My mom has held various jobs, but remains happiest working out of the home.
I was born October 10, 1980, in Sioux City, Iowa, at St. Joseph Hospital.
My younger sister, Alisha, was born September 5, 1984.  She is a junior at East High School in Sioux City.  She is actively involved in Show Choir and is a member of the yearbook staff.  She has also just recently begun working at the Morningside Dairy Queen in Sioux City.


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